MicroSIP: Free VoIP calls

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Although programs that offer VoIP calls are pretty common nowadays, not all of them offer good services. MicroSIP is one of the few that can boast high quality calls via the SIP protocol, absolutely free of charge for computer calls and at low cost for international ones.

Installation & Requirements

The setup for the program is very basic, although you are provided with the option to make the application run on the startup of Windows. Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 are all fully supported with no additional requirements. A portable version is also offered.


At first glance, the interface might deter some users with its simplistic designed. Of course, developers here aimed at functionality which some people will definitely appreciate. I know a lot of people that do not like overly flashy interfaces in their messaging programs, which is obviously why there is still a market for such applications.

The program is divided into three tabs, marking the features in a clear way. The Dialpad is where you can make basic and video calls to any number you want as well as adjust the volume of your microphone and speakers. The Calls tab will allow you to see information about past calls and the Contacts tab lets you manage your contact list as well as initiate a chat with them.

The chat system is very basic but it lets you send messages and initiate calls which might be enough for the targeted audience. People that are used to having features like emoticons will be severely disappointed as this is way beyond the scope of this program. Such features could be easily added but it would go against the purpose of keeping things professional and simple.

This design around simplicity benefits the program in most stages but it also hinders it in others. Since it is mostly aimed at people who already know what they are doing and simply want to chat, areas like the settings should be easily accessible. Instead, you can only enter the Account and Settings menus from the system tray icon, something that goes against the workflow.

On the other hand, the options provided by the program are quite extensive, even allowing people to use their very own audio and video codecs. Of course, users that have no idea about what these things are might be a bit intimidated by these menus but ignoring everything and leaving the default settings on will work just fine, except for setting up the account. Even that, however, is fairly easy and is only done once so any hassle can be dealt with in a matter of minutes.


-Very high-quality calls at no cost
-Comprehensive option for advanced users
-Simple yet effective design


-That same simple design might annoy some users
-Modern chat features are missing


If you are looking for a simple program to use in order to make free VoIP calls, then you should definitely try out MicroSIP. Although extra features are missing, its main purpose is providing high-quality calls and it succeeds perfectly in doing just that.