Microsoft announces new keyboard, works with Android, iOS and Windows devices

    The common problem of all touch-enabled devices is their rather unproductive keyboard. Sure you can send a text or Google something with it, but when you need to type like a pro, only a real, physical keyboard will do the job. Which is why it can get rather uncomfortable if you are using several devices with different platforms and need to carry around several accessories.

    Microsoft realized this problem as they announced their brand new Universal Mobile Keyboard today.  The keyboard was designed to work flawlessly with iPads, iPhones, Android devices and obviously with Windows tablets.

    The Bluetooth-enabled keyboard automatically turns on/off as you open and shut the protective cover. Choosing the operating system is just as easy – by using the built-in OS switch.

    The Universal Mobile Keyboard is big enough so you can type comfortably on a laptop-style keyboard while on the go, yet small enough to carry it around with you. Suzanne Choney, part of Microsoft’s News Center Staff also said the keyboard will become available starting next month at the retail price of $79.95.