Microsoft Selfie for iOS aims to improve your selfies without hassle

Microsoft is best known for its productivity apps but every once in a while they like to dabble in different niches and their newly released Selfie app for iOS is the most recent example. When I first head about it the first thought that crossed through my mind was “Do we really need another selfie app?” although after I tried the app and looked at its features I’m not inclined to dump it in the “useless” pile anymore.

After all, image editing can be as complex as you want it to be, yet I’m sure most people don’t need any advanced features to touch up their selfies. Thus, the Microsoft Selfie app doesn’t strive to become the next Photoshop, far from that actually.

The app comes with a bunch of preset filters and claims to optimize your selfies by taking into account several factors – your gender, age, skin tone and lighting conditions – so all you have left to do is select the filter you like and adjust its intensity via the dedicated slider.

Each of the 13 filters included in Microsoft Selfie will automatically optimize and clean up the photo while also applying other adjustments to give your photos a more interesting look. You can also compare the edited photo with the original one to decide if the result is satisfying.

The app is clearly inspired from the Lumia Selfie app for Windows Mobile and it’s possible Microsoft used some of the algorithms of their website. After all it was designed to detect the age of a face and it looks like the Selfie app does this as well.

You probably won’t be too excited about Microsoft’s Selfie app if you’re passionate about retouching your photos to the smallest detail, but if you just need a simple editing tool that can improve image quality while also applying some filters, the app is certainly worth a try.

Did you get the chance to use Microsoft Selfie and are you satisfied of how your adjusted photos look? Let us know in the comments section or drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.