Microsoft SkyDrive Becomes OneDrive, Brings Plenty of Perks for Mobile Users

    Microsoft revamps SkyDrive, brings new name, camera support for Android devices, real-time co-authoring and easy video sharing

    As I booted my Win 7 laptop this morning, I felt a chill down my spine as I saw my SkyDrive folder appear as OneDrive. My other laptop displayed the same oddity, so my paranoid imagination started bringing images of malicious infiltrations, as I was logging in my Outlook. Phew! There it was – a notification from Microsoft about re-branding. So, what does OneDrive bring us except the new name for the blue-cloud folder?

    First of all, you no longer need to login to your Outlook to get access to your files online. From now on, you can access your files at directly. The transition is seamless and does not require any action from the existing users. You do not need to uninstall and re-install the application. If your platform supports automatic update, you will just face the new folder as I did – the app updates itself silently in the background. Android and iOS 7 apps, as well as Win 7 and 8, do update automatically for sure. Otherwise, you will receive a notification of a new version available and update the app manually.

    Web Access

    Microsoft wants to be your one-stop destination to store your photos, videos, files and documents across all of your devices. As you log in to your OneDrive, you see a huge ad offering you earn extra 8GB of free storage by completing the simple three steps: do the back up (earn 3GB extra space), sync from PC or Mac, and refer your friends (earn up to 5GB extra storage). There you have it, Microsoft does want to have your entire computers and smartphones backed up to their cloud.

    Video Sharing

    From now on, you can view and share videos as seamlessly as photos because OneDrive implements MPREG real-time trans-coding.

    Automatic Photo Backup

    Automatic camera roll backup feature brings fast backup of whatever photo you snap with your Android device directly to your cloud storage and other devices connected to your account.


    In addition, real-time co-authoring has become possible for files you are creating in Office Web apps and share them with your friends and colleagues.

    Monthly Billing

    Those who are on paid plans can now opt to pay on a monthly basis instead of the previously yearly subscription.

    Additionally, Microsoft expands on some of the existing features.


    You can connect all your devices to OneDrive because it supports Windows, Windows Phone, Office and Xbox, Android, iOS, OS X.

    Excellent Choice to Store and Share Files

    The backup and cross-device synchronization happens automatically; add screen integration feature for Win 8.1 and Xbox slide shows and one-tap Facebook and email sharing. Moreover, Xbox devotees can now record and share their gameplay videos.

    Business Clients Receive Perks, too

    Companies can now offer their employees am easy way to store, share and sync work files across multiple devices securely. However, SkyDrive Pro was neither renamed nor received any new features so far, but Microsoft is planning to roll out updates for Pro clients in March.

    Get Some Promotional Free Storage

    OneDrive tweet

    Microsoft is giving away some 100GB of free storage for one year to 100.000 people who follow OneDrive on Twitter. So, if you are interested, head to Twitter and befriend OneDrive.