Microsoft updates Skype Qik apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Both Skype and Skype Qik have been updated, with the latter getting an important new sharing feature, but only for Android and iOS. Skype Qik is Microsoft’s video messaging app – if you’re bored of the old text messaging this app lets you replace phrases with videos. Simple as that.

Qik is easy to use and fully supports private group chats. Now, the app has a new feature that lets you share videos captured inside the app to social networks and other third-party apps without having to go to your camera roll first. The features is currently available for iOS and Android altough the Windows Phone app has also been updated.

Skype Blog says you should expect a surprise inside Skype Qik on Valentine’s Day, so be sure to open it at the right time and see what’s it about.

“We also snuck in a Valentine’s Day surprise, so be sure to check out in the app on the 14th and see how Qik can play cupid for you.”

Skype Qik on iOS

I’m guessing that’s why the Windows Phone app has received the update too – there’s no official changelog listed in the WP Store. However, Skype says WP users should have a little patience and within a couple of months they;ll get a new and improved Skype Qik redesigned from the ground up for the best experience.

“Windows Phone users – stay tuned! We’re hard at work writing a totally new version for you that will be better than ever. We can’t wait to share the new Windows Phone version with you within the next couple months.”

The Skype app also received an update a few days ago although we don’t know what it consists of. There’s no changelog displayed for any platform so either it was something minor or Microsoft will publish it later.

If you aren’t using Skype Qik right now, but you’d like to see the promised Valentine’s Day surprise you can download the app from the links below:

Skype Qik for Android – Download

Skype Qik for iOS – Download

Skype Qik for Windows PhoneDownload

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