[Microsoft Word] Create custom bullet points, including pictures and check boxes

Picture Bullet Points

Most people learn to use Microsoft Word and other similar programs in a very specific way. Adding bullet points is usually one of the first things users attempt to master but the truth is that the application allows for a lot more customization options than you may think. Today I will show you how to add any picture as a bullet point and how to create check boxes for your questionnaires or whatever else you need them for.

Check Box Bullet Points

Before you continue, consider how you want your check boxes to be used. If you are going to print your document and hand it out, the first method is what you are looking for. In contrast, those who want their documents to be filled out digitally should follow the second method.

Printable check boxes

Printable Check Box

  1. Launch Word, look for the icon with the bullet points and click on the downwards-pointing arrow next to it.
  2. Select the “Define New Bullet” option.
  3. Click on the “Symbol” button.
  4. Select the “Wingdings 2” option from the Font dropdown menu.
  5. In the “Character code” field, enter 163. This will select the check box from the symbol list but you can also find it manually if you wish.
  6. Click on OK twice, once to close the Symbol window and another to close the “Define New Bullet” window.
  7. Add the check boxes like you would add any other bullet point.

Digital check boxes

Digital Check Box

  1. Open Word, click on the File menu and select “Options”.
  2. In the Options menu, head over to “Customize Ribbon” tab and make sure that “Main Tabs” is selected from the dropdown menu on the right side.
  3. Scroll down the list and check the box for the “Developer” item.
  4. Click on OK to close the options and save your settings.
  5. You will see a new Developer tab alongside your standard ones, probably next to the View tab. Click on that and you should see an icon that looks like a marked checkbox. Clicking on that icon will instantly add a digital checkbox next to your currently selected item.
  6. Digital check boxes will need to be added individually for all your listed items so you will have to click next to them, insert the check box and move on. Clicking on the boxes will instantly mark them but in case that does not work, right-click on the checkbox, go to its Properties and change the Default value to “Checked”.

Picture Bullet Points

Any picture can be added as a bullet point which is insanely useful when you are trying to create a personalized document. The first method we will use will add your picture as a permanent new bullet point while the second one will let you use the picture in that document only which is what most people are probably looking for anyway.

Permanent picture bullet points

Define New Bullet Picture

  1. Launch Word, click on the arrow next to the bullet points and select the “Define New Bullet” option.
  2. Click on the “Picture” button.
  3. Click on “Import” and find the picture in your computer. You are free to select multiple pictures if you want and they will all be added in the gallery.
  4. Select your imported picture from the Picture Bullet window and click on “OK”.
  5. The “Define New Bullet” window lets you see how your picture looks like as a bullet point so if you are happy with your choice, click on OK to continue.
  6. Feel free to add your picture like a standard bullet point, even on multiple items.

Temporary picture bullet points

Picture Bullet Point Resize

  1. Add a picture in Word by dragging and dropping it inside your document or by using the “Picture” tool of the Insert tab.
  2. Resize the picture by clicking on it and then dragging one of its corners inside. Try to make it about the same size as a bullet point so that Word can automatically understand what you are trying to do.
  3. Click next to your resized picture and press Enter. Alternatively, click next to the picture, add some text and then press Enter. Word should automatically pick up your picture as a bullet point though it will not save it in the gallery.