Mipony: Easily download files from multiple sources

Mipony is a very handy utility for downloading multiple files from various sources. It specializes in hosting websites like RapidShare with the ability to queue files while the application automatically waits out the loading times and checks everything before you make the decision to download anything.

Installation & Requirements

Apart from the pretty straightforward installation, you will need to be wary of the third party software Mipony will try to install in your system. Simply click on the advanced options and uncheck the boxes if you do not want extra applications installed in your system. It might also try to install more programs for which you will have to decline the licenses to if you do not want to install them. The supported operating systems are 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8. You will also need to install Microsoft’s .NET Framework.


The feel of the application closely resembles a browser. All of its tools are on the top of the interface which makes it look like a toolbar. Downloading stuff is very easy, especially when you have the links to the specific files you want. The program can automatically grab links from your clipboard, meaning that you can simply copy the links to your desired files and the program will prompt you to download them.

Even if you do not have the links, the program acts as a browser, letting you go through various websites. When you have found the website or the links you are searching for, the application will grab them, check them and then start downloading them if everything is okay. If a file is broken or missing the application will inform you and you should start searching for other links of the files you need.

The utility is also very helpful for files that have been divided to multiple parts. Hosting websites like RapidShare will have you wait before you download each file but the application will do that for you so you can go about your day and let it download your files. It will also join them together if you choose that option. Lastly, you can close the program at any point and downloads will simply resume when you open the application again.


-The program is very easy to use and since it also acts as a browser, even inexperienced users can make the best use of it
-The ability to queue multiple file downloads without having to wait for each one individually is particularly amazing
-The program checks files to see if they are actually useful before they are even downloaded


-Some aspects of the program lack stability


If you find yourself using a lot of file hosting websites and you are tired of the long waiting lines and the files that are divided in multiple parts you will surely find Mipony to be an incredibly useful utility for your downloading needs.