ML Manager is an Android app that lets you easily organize your apps and extract them to APKs

I’m sure most of us smartphone users have a decent collection of apps and despite the fact some of them are only used occasionally, we are reluctant to uninstall them. Not to say that would be difficult – managing apps on a basic level is a straightforward affair -, but sometimes a dedicated app manager can speed things up considerably.

ML Manager is an interesting app that allows you to manage your collection of installed apps, although it started as a simple app extraction tool.

I do find ML Manager’s ability to extract existing apps to APKs very useful, since it practically allows you to back up your apps before updating or uninstalling but during its evolution it gained other features.

For example, it lets you mark apps as favorites and besides extracting APKs you can also share them with others via messaging apps and cloud services. Furthermore, it lets you uninstall apps and also restore them from the extracted APKs. One feature that’s missing is batch support for uninstalling and restoring apps, although it is currently in the works.

In ML Manager’s Settings pane you have the option to delete all extracted APK files, set the output folder and file name format for extracted APKs, app sorting criteria and a few UI customizations.

The app doesn’t require root privileges and all of the above mentioned features are available in the free version. Even so, there’s also ML Manager Pro (available for $1.43) which offers several extra features specific for rooted devices, like the ability to manage hidden apps, uninstall system apps and per app cache and data removal.

Download ML Manager (Google Play)

ML Manager may not be a comprehensive file manager yet, but it’s certainly on the right path and it surely deserves bonus points for the clean Material Design interface and the ease of use.

Give it a try and come back to let us know how you like the app. You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section or by leaving a message on  Facebook, Twitter or Google+.