Mood Light lets you set the mood this Christmas by turning your Android into a beautiful lamp

The overwhelming number of smart gadgets which have been flooding the market over the past few years ranges from toys that can carry conversations with our kids, scales capable of guiding us through recipe instructions, app-connected thermostats that start to heat up our home when we leave from work and this is just the tip of the eisberg.

When you look at this bunch, a smartphone-controlled mood lamp seems rather unimpressive, but its price may be steep for many people despite it making a very nice decorative object.

Even so, the budget-friendly alternative would be to use your smartphone as a mood lamp (after all it can handle much heavier tasks) via a simple app such as Mood Light.

The app works best if your phone has a large screen (to be able to light the entire room) and it can be used for various purposes, for example a night lamp for your baby, a lava lamp, a meditation light and so on. Mood Light will randomly go through more than 16 million colors and it can also play sounds and ambient music from its built-in collection, such as rain, campfire and playground among others.

While Mood Light goes through the myriad colors, you can pause it on a color of your choice and easily change the ambient sounds or music while the screen is lit up by the app. Furthermore you can change the speed of Mood Light as well as use the built-in timer to make the app shut down automatically.

Perhaps it cannot replace a smart night lamp completely, but it does offer quite a lot considering it lets you use your smartphone instead. Mood Light is free altough you can buy some extra effects as in-app purchases.

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