Mosaizer Pro: Merge your pictures into a mosaic

Mosaizer Pro is a free application that will help you easily create mosaic pictures out of anything, combining different elements and adding various effects into a complete package.

Installation & Requirements

The installation is quite simple and the command lines that pop up during the setup are perfectly normal. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7.


The application’s interface is very neat with various options across the board. There are two different interface modes, the wizard and normal mode. The first one is the quickest but offers few options as the mosaic conversion process is mostly automated. The second one is for people looking for more advanced settings and is fully customizable. To add more options and icons simply go to the View menu and enable one of the many toolbars. To switch from wizard and normal mode, go to the Special functions menu and uncheck the wizard option or simply choose the “Start normal” option from the left side panel.

Creating a mosaic with both modes is extremely easy. Either choose from one of the default pictures or insert one of your own by browsing your computer through the program’s menu. The left side panel provides a ton of options to mess around with before you start the conversion process. Some of the options will appear immediately in the pre-process tab while others will only take effect after you start the conversion process. You can nitpick through all of the various settings and then click on Start to turn your pictures into a mosaic.

The mosaic result tab is not permanent. If you do not like something you can always change it and start the conversion process again. Creating a mosaic is extremely fast as you will notice during the first time so you can do it as much as you want. Keep in mind that more advanced mosaics take more space in your computer, especially if you have set the quality to high. Different mosaic patters and different pictures also take up more space. The one thing that vastly changes the output file size is the resolution.

More advanced users will also want to look at the Plus functions menu. Two extra tools can be found there, namely the Super and Transparency controls. Both of them add different options to the end result that you have to change before starting the conversion process. Some of the options can also be found in the advanced tabs of the normal mode but others are specific to those tools.


-Fast installation
-Two different modes for amateur and advanced users
-Clean interface with multiple skins
-Extremely easy to use
-Tons of different options and effects




Mosaizer Pro is, without a doubt, one of the best mosaic creation applications in the market. The amount of customization options and the simple conversion process make this free program stand among the top in the field.