MP3 Splitter & Joiner: Edit your MP3s easily

MP3 Splitter & Joiner is a shareware application that will let you split, cut and join all of your favourite MP3 files in one simple package without hassle.

Installation & Requirements

The setup is quite simple. Once you choose a destination folder and a desktop shortcut the installation completes very fast. The application supports a variety of Windows operating systems, namely 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


The application is divided into three self-explanatory tabs. First time users will want to check the Settings/About tab to customize their experience and to access the Help file that contains a very helpful user manual with visual cues for the application. Clicking on the Misc. Settings button takes users to a very comprehensive settings screen that lets users change the functions of both the Joiner and the Splitter for MP3s like setting a default output folder for both. Most inexperienced users however will not care much for the other settings and the default ones work nicely so it is reasonable to not bother with them.

To join MP3 files simply drag and drop them to the empty field of the respective tab or use the add button to browse your computer for them. You can then add various pieces of information about the output file like a title and an artist and copy that information for later use. Moreover, you can add a silence part in between the MP3 parts. You can use that function to create a playlist of a single MP3 file that you can use anywhere. You also need to choose an output folder and a name for the MP3 file. When you are done with your settings, simply click on the “Start Merge” button and the application will do the rest.

The process to split MP3s is quite similar. The files can be added in the exact same way only this time the blank window is located in the bottom instead of the top. When you have added your file you will have to set the split positions, name the file and set an output folder. You can also set a song title and an artist but not complete tags for the MP3. During the settings you can also preview the track to make sure you have made the correct settings. When you click on the “Start Split” button the program will do the rest for you.


-Fast installation and a small file size
-A helpful user guide
-Clean interface divided into tabs
-Extremely easy to use features
-A decent amount of options and settings


-Some features are limited to the paid version


The decision to try out MP3 Splitter & Joiner is a simple one. If you want any feature that the name suggests then you should definitely go for it, if you want more audio editing options then you are in the wrong place.