Mp3Doctor Pro: Edit your MP3s

Mp3Doctor Pro is a program that will let you check, edit and generally improve your MP3 files by providing you with a long list of functions and options that you can use.

Installation & Requirements

The setup process only has a few options so it is very simple and fast. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


The visuals of Mp3Doctor Pro are quite pleasant as the interface is very clean and neat with everything presented in a very clear way. If you click on the File menu you will also notice that the application offers quite a big selection of skins that you can use.

To add files into the application, simply drag and drop single files or even entire folders in the main window or go to the top menu, click on File and then choose to Load Files or to Load Directory. The files you have added will appear on the big blank space of the main window. You can see information about them like the name and bitrate and you can categorize them in any way you want by clicking on those information tabs.

On the right hand side of the interface you have all of the editing options. First of all you need to choose one of the two playback options which are Apply and Bypass. If you choose the first, any editing choices you make will happen in real time, even as you playing the audio file. If you choose the Bypass option, you can make any changes you want while playing the audio files and nothing will change. The changes will only apply when you click on the Normalize option and thus convert the audio file to a new one.

The options are quite simple but provide just enough depth for the amateur audiophile to understand and mess around with. You can edit the tempo, pitch, bitrate, sample rate and even choose the tags of your MP3 file. You also have a lot of equalizer options but those should be reserved for either the more advanced users or users who are willing to spend some time with it learning the ropes.


-Fast installation
-Clean visual interface with the option to change it with skins
-Very simple to use as it only uses a few technical terms
-Very fast conversion process


-The application could benefit from some additional options


Mp3Doctor Pro is a fine application for people who are looking for simple MP3 editing options as the user friendly interface will allow them to edit their audio files but not spend too much time doing it.