MPlayer for Windows Full Package: Complete multimedia player

The multimedia player market is one of the most crowded ones and yet it is hard to find a complete application for everything. MPlayer for Windows Full Package aims to redeem that by offering one of the most complete programs that can play anything.

Installation & Requirements

During the installation you will have various options regarding the specific settings and components you want to install in your computer. You will also need to choose your CPU type but you can also choose the generic option if you do not know the type so it is no big deal. The application supports every major Windows system with few small tweaks.


Most of the features you will encounter in MPlayer will feel very familiar to anyone who has used a multimedia player before. The interface is extremely easy to use and there are multiple ways to find and play all of your favourite files. Dragging and dropping works like a charm and you can also browse your computer through the program to find whatever you are looking for. However, there are two more interesting features in the application. By clicking the globe icon or pressing Ctrl + U will let you insert an URL so that you can play files from the internet. It is also extremely useful if you want to listen to radio as you simply need to find the station’s URL and insert it. Lastly, if you install SMTube you can also use it to browse YouTube right from the application.

The uniqueness of the application comes from the fact that everything is integrated in it and you can alter it however you want with the various plugins and tweaks. The codecs are always updated and that means that the program can really play whatever multimedia file you throw at it. During playback you can also change whatever information you want to display in the screen by choosing the appropriate settings in the OSD tab on the top toolbar or by right clicking the screen.

In addition to that, the developers have put a lot of emphasis in the subtitles. MPlayer supports a huge list of languages and a lot of options for subtitle displaying like different fonts and the ability to simultaneously display subtitles of two different languages at the same time, one at the top and one at the bottom. You can also browse subtitles from from inside MPlayer and without needing to open a browser window.


-A lot of options during the setup
-Playback support for most, if not all, video and audio files
-Easy to use with multiple plugins and integrated tools that enhance the user experience
-A lot of customization options for the interface


-None that are worth mentioning


I am very pleased to say that MPlayer for Windows Full Package offers enough incentive in to try it out even though there are hundreds of more options out there. It is an extremely easy to use application that flawlessly packs so many features.