Mute annoying group chat notifications on Android

Group chats are awesome in many ways, except when an interesting topic fires up the conversation and your phone is bursting with annoying notification sounds. If you’ve ever had this problem, you can easily mute annoying group chat notifications on Android but still receive the updates.

Here’s how this works. A handy app called Mutifier lets you set a time interval for those situations in which you receive multiple messages one after another. You’ll be able to hear the ringer after the first notification, but not for subsequent ones.

Mute annoying group chat notifications on Android

This way, you don’t get completely cut off from group chat updates, but you won’t be annoyed by an avalanche of notifications either. Mutifier is free and very easy to setup so keep reading if you’d like to mute annoying group chat notifications on Android.

The app works on Android 5.0 and newer versions, so assuming your device is compatible visit the link below to download it:

Install Mutifier for free (Google Play Store)


At first run, you will need to provide Mutifier permission to access Notification Monitor since the app needs to know when notifications arrive in order to mute them. Tap on OK, enable Mutifier in the Notification Access panel, and then you can return to the app’s main window.

mute annoying group chat notificationsThere, you’ll be able to set a custom time interval after which incoming group chat notifications will be muted. After the initial notification for which your device will emit a sound, the app will mute those that follow within the specified time period.

You can set this interval to be as long or as short as you’d like but I recommend you select a value of at least 15 seconds. After you define the time interval, you will also need to ensure the ‘check to activate’ option is enabled.

Then, you can close the app and not be bothered by too many group chat notifications at once. Also, keep in mind even the muted alerts will still be visible in the notification drawer, even though you won’t be hearing their sounds.

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