My CPU Monitor: Real time CPU usage

If you are regularly pushing your CPU to its limits, checking its usage becomes a standard affair. You will know then that programs like My CPU Monitor are essential to a good workflow. This application falls in the donationware category, meaning you can use the unrestricted version for as long as you want but you are simply asked to donate to the developer once.

Installation & Requirements

There is no installation required for the application. Once you download the archive, you only need to extract it in a folder of your choice and run the executable file. The program supports all versions of Windows from XP and later, provided you have .NET Framework 3.5 installed in your operating system.


Like most utilities of its kind, My CPU Monitor operates mostly from the system tray. This time around however, there are quite a lot of options to play around with. In case you have not used a similar application before, the premise is really quite simple. An icon is added to your system tray that provides real time information about you CPU usage and can inform you when specific events occur.

While you may think that checking the CPU usage through the Task Manager is easy too, this method is a lot more intuitive and does not need a whole window to stay open. The system tray icon is available at all times and works brilliantly, meaning you will always know what is happening with your CPU with a simple glance at the corner of your screen.

The good thing about this application is that you can set it to monitor very precise readings so that you will only get an alert when something is wrong. My CPU Monitor has two different ways to alert you, either by blinking the system tray icon or by display a warning window that you then have to confirm. Both ways work quite well and obviously depend on your needs. The second method for example is a lot more intrusive than the first but that might be exactly what you want.

Apart from the configurations aimed at displaying warnings in compliance to CPU usage, there are not a lot more things to look at here. As is always the case with these very targeted apps, My CPU Monitor works right out of the box and only ever does one thing. It also succeeds in that very well so there is not much more you should expect of the application or the developer.


-Real-time monitoring works great
-Customizable warnings about your CPU usage
-Works without hiccups


-Quite limited


While My CPU Monitor might be a niche product, the targeted audience is sure going to love the constant and reliable CPU usage monitoring. The one and only aspect of the application works brilliantly and there is not much more you can ask for.