MyClip: Quick access to frequently used portions of text

Bloggers, writers, journalists and anyone that frequently works with text would benefit from a simple, free clipboard manager such as MyClip. While it was definitely created as a user-friendly tool, MyClip offers plenty of options besides a clipboard history that allows anyone to switch between multiple chunks of text.

Installation & Requirements

MyClip’s straightforward install process doesn’t include any form of adware or third-party applications. This lightweight clipboard manager is available for all popular Windows versions with no additional hardware or software requirements.

When the UI is minimized, MyClip continues to run in the system tray, from where users can choose to display the interface as well as access the program’s options.


MyClip’s interface is a simple window containing a list of all parts of text you’ve copied while the application is running. Each entry has its own number and various options are provided via a context menu. The first entry is also the active one and you can activate any other entry via Enter or double-click.

The context menu provides some very useful options. For example, users can preview and edit any item from the list and even save it as a bookmark. Other functions include switching the text format of the selected entry, such as uppercase, lowercase, ID and title. The “Date and Time” feature lets users add to the clipboard list various date and time formats.

MyClip’s Options menu allows users to view/add/change hotkeys for the program’s functions. Almost all of its features can be accessed via a customizable hotkey.


– Quick, simple installation.
– Clean interface displays the clipboard history in a well-organized readable format.
– Predefined editing options for clipboard entries include transformation to uppercase, lowercase, title and ID.
– Allows creating date & time clipboard entries from multiple types of formats.


– The clipboard is not preserved after exiting the program.
– There is no separate list for bookmarked items.
– Supports only text.




MyClip has a few functionality issues that need to be addressed. Other than that, this friendly clipboard manager does seem to offer enough features to satisfy heavy text users and the predefined text transformation options are very useful in terms of increasing productivity.