MyPC plus: Easy access to system information and control

System information is often needed by IT professionals but also by regular home users. It doesn’t matter how advanced your computer skills are, a quick and effective way of accessing information about your computer is always good to have around. MyPC plus is a free tool that aims to be a Swiss-knife for basic system information, control and whatnot.

Installation & Requirements

While the install process includes only regular settings, included in most other applications, MyPC plus does ask users to close all running applications before deploying the setup.

Regarding supported operating systems, MyPC plus runs on Windows XP/Vista/7 and requires only 10 MB of free hard-disk space. MyPC plus is free, but there’s also a commercial version (Pro) that offer some extra features.


MyPC plus has a functional tabbed UI with a slightly outdated design. Nevertheless it’s easy to browse, the only confusion a new users may experience being the large number of tabs and their buttons.

Control is the default tab and here there’s a large number of system dialogs such as Control Panel, Services, Firewall, Security, System and Internet. All of them are already available in Windows but MyPC plus manages to provide shortcuts for all of them in one place. Additionally, the Control tab also offers a few other functions such as Windows power options, desktop layout save/restore, a Recycle Bin cleaning function and a Cleaner option that can remove junk files such as temporary files and Internet cookies.

MyPC plus may have all these extra features but its main function is to provide system information and it does. All of the information you’d expect to find in such a program is offered: from basic system, CPU, drives, display and motherboard information to a simple process manager.


– Simple and fast installation.
– Offers system and hardware information in a tabbed interface.
– The Control tab offers quick access to system sections, Windows power options, basic cleaning functions and other useful tools.
– Basic process manager.
– Fast file search function.


– None worth mentioning.


HWiNFO 32/64


All in all, MyPC plus can be very useful not just for those that want a quick-peek at system-related info, but also for individuals that wish to access the most important system control sections from the same place and perform some basic maintenance. Even though this application is free, it’s pretty obvious why the “plus” was included in its name.