MyPermissions Privacy Cleaner lets you manage app permissions and find safer alternatives on iOS and Android

Android and iOS are taking the right steps towards making app permissions more transparent but there’s still no easy way to manage them. As a result, some permissions that are actually an invasion of your privacy can easily go unnoticed, especially when you have dozens of apps installed on your phone.

MyPermissions Privacy Cleaner offers a rather elegant solution to this problem, offering both Android and iOS users a simple way to review and analyze the permissions your installed applications are using.

What’s more, MyPermissions also provides safer and trusted alternatives to the apps you’re using and may potentially threaten your privacy and/or your phone’s security.

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MyPermissions automatically scans the apps present on your phone with the push of a button and analyzes their permissions to give you an easily readable overview with an overall risk score. Also, permissions are grouped in several categories where you can view all the apps using that particular area of the system.

As a result, you can easily see apps that can act on your behalf such as posting on your social network accounts, apps that can access your personal photos, your location, contacts list and so on.

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It also offers protection for popular services and social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dropbox and so on, scanning the related apps installed on your phone and revealing what types of data they can access

MyPermissions includes a service designed to verify external connections and third-party apps that might be using your social accounts to access personal data.

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The app offers continuous protection to your phone and sends real-time notifications whenever apps attempt to access permissions which may endanger your privacy, prompting you to revoke or confirm their authorization.

Furthermore, you can get trusted apps recommendations to replace their less safe counterparts, and these suggestions are based on community reports. MyPermission gathers all the data on which apps the users mark as trusted, and which ones they choose to flag or uninstall to provide relevant recommendations.

MyPermissions provides the initial online service as well as phone scanning and monitoring for free. However, its other features can be unlocked via a subscription.

Download MyPermissions for Android (Google Play)

Download MyPermissions for iOS (iTunes)

If you feel like your apps could use a thorough analysis of their permissions, give MyPermissions Privacy Cleaner a try then come back to let us know what potential privacy threats it managed to find on your phone!

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