How To Natively Trim and Split Videos in Windows 10

In earlier versions of Windows, you’d need a third-party tool if you wanted to trim or split a video. The good news is now we can natively trim and split videos in Windows 10.

Surprisingly, this feature is not available in the Movies & TV app but in the Photos & Videos app. Actually, if you open videos in Movies & TV (they might be set to open with this app by default), all you can do is watch them.

How to natively trim and split videos in Windows 10

As a result, it is possible to natively trim and split videos in Windows 10, but you’ll need to use the Photos & Videos app.

The first thing you need to do is select the video you want to edit in File Explorer, click the small arrow next to Open in the ribbon interface and select the Photos & Videos app. You can also access the “Open with” menu and select the app from there via the context menu once you right-click on the selected video.

Unlike Movies & TV, the Photos & Videos app provides more controls at the top of the screen. The Trim option is displayed when the app is rendering a video. Click on “Trim”.

Then, you’ll be able to select the range of the trimmed clip using a slider.

Once you’re happy with the selection click on the option called “Save a copy”. This option will save the trimmed video as a separate file, keeping the original one intact.

If you want to split another section of the original video or trim the smaller clip, you can repeat the above steps for as many times as it’s needed.

As you can see, it’s possible to natively split and trim videos in Windows 10, without having to install any third-party application. Sure, the Photos & Videos app offers just basic options but it’s the perfect solution unless you want to tinker with advanced settings.

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