What is Near Share in Windows 10 and How to Enable It

Windows 10 build 17035 introduces a new feature called Near Share.  If you’re wondering what is Near Share in Windows 10, the way it works is pretty simple. It allows file sharing between your computer and other Windows 10 devices via Wifi or Bluetooth.

Yes, we have homegroups and other file sharing options, but Near Share was likely designed as a more convenient solution. It’s a new feature so it might take a while before it gains traction, but it doesn’t mean you can’t start using it right now.

How to enable Near Share in Windows 10

This new feature integrates into the Share pane. This means you can access it from File Explorer, Microsoft Store apps, and the Microsoft Edge web browser.

With Near Share enabled, the Share pane will display nearby devices which you can select whenever you want to transfer some files quickly. However, keep in mind the sharing is done via either WiFi or Bluetooth so your devices must have these technologies for Near Share to work.

Open the Settings app and go to “Shared experiences” (you can use the search function to jump to this setting quickly).

Now you just need to toggle on the “Near Share” option.

While everything will work with the default settings, there are some options you can customize. Firstly, you can choose to enable Near Share for all nearby devices, or just your devices (the ones where you’re signed into your Microsoft account).

You can also change the default downloads folder where the files you received are automatically saved. Just click the “Change” button and point to the new location.

Alternatively, you can enable Near Share from the Action Center. Open the Action Center, click “Expand” to display all quick actions then select the Near Share option.

If you want to use Near Share in Windows 10, open Edge or another Microsoft Store app and tap the Share icon in the upper-right corner of the window. If there are any nearby Windows 10 devices that also have Near Share enabled you will be able to select them in the “More people” section. If there is no compatible device nearby (or it has Near Share disabled) you’ll see the message “Looking for nearby devices” displayed instead.

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