Neat Image: Reduce image noise

Photo editing applications come in the hundreds now and most of them offer complex features with tons of options, making them hard to use. Neat Image though is a very simple yet effective tool for eliminating image noise that is so prevalent in a lot of photos today.

Installation & Requirements

The installation process is very simple, offering a few options like creating desktop and quick launch shortcuts. Since the program is so small however it completes very fast. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 in both 32 and 64 bit.


The program is divided into various tabs that highlight the current editing process. In the bottom of each tab you have various options like adjusting the zoom and brightness levels as well as information about the image’s resolution and quality.

Changing aspects of interface is very easy. Simply click on the Tools tab in the top of the window and choose another mode. The default mode is the normal one but the advanced mode offers a whole lot more options in the editing process. Moreover, you can use the application in a mode that lets you input multiple images and edit them at the same time. More information on how to exactly use the various aspects of the application can be found in the help menu in the form of an online user guide that is quite extensive.

Inserting images can only be done by clicking on the “Open input image” button as the demo version does not support dragging and dropping files. When you have inserted an image you are ready to move on to the editing stages. The Device Noise Profile will let the application detect the areas where noise is more prominent automatically while also letting you adjust the filters to suit your own needs. In the advanced mode you will also have the ability of viewing an extensive RGB profile of the current image.

In the Noise Filter Settings field you will be able to manually adjust a whole lot of options. You can input noise levels, noise reduction amounts as well as sharpen the image. All of the options come in the form of sliders based on percentages. Every change is made in real time and you can alternate between the filtered image and the original by clicking on the Preview button. The current state will appear in the top right corner of the image you are editing. When you are done with all of you settings you simply need to go to the Output Image tab and save the image to your desired folder.


-Fast installation
-A very clean interface
-A lot of options in both sharpening the image and reducing the noise
-The fact that some processes are automated will really help new users
-Helpful online user manual


-No dragging and dropping the files in the demo version


Neat Image truly delivers on its promises of a simple yet effective tool for image noise reduction. The tools are very easy to use, the sharpening is a welcome addition and the overall quality of the application is impressive.