NeoSetup Updater: Install and update apps easily

Keep track of all the applications and their updates can be tough but most people want to get updates as soon as possible. NeoSetup Updater provides you with a one-click solution where you can install, update and view information about applications without ever leaving the program.

Installation & Requirements

The application’s installation is quick and painless, exactly as it should be when dealing with this kind of program. You do not need to go through unnecessary menus and there are no third-party offerings. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


Immediately after launching the program for the first time you will be greeted with a “Welcome” window of sorts that gives you a very quick and simple insight on how the application works. There is a lot of emphasis here on keeping things as simple as possible and that is obvious pretty much everywhere in the application. The layout also reinforces that philosophy with an interface that allows users to find everything they are looking for in a matter of seconds.

After the program actually launches, you can view a list of the supported programs. The applications on offer are pretty popular and well known and include Google Chrome, CCleaner, Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Notepad++ and more. The list is a bit limited right now but the developers are promising that they will keep adding more and more applications. It is also worth noting at this point that you can use the application completely free of charge and you will only be missing the automatic updates checker from the premium version, at least at the time of this writing.

As far as installing a program from the list goes, the process really could not be simpler. Find the program/s you are looking for, click on Install and NeoSetup Updater takes care of the rest. It will download the installer and install the program while making all the choices for you. Although you will not get to customize the installations, you are freed from all the hassle and all the third-party app offerings that plague installers nowadays. Comparisons between this and Ninite are very easy to make and that is a very good compliment as far as I am concerned.

Checking for updates is incredibly easy as well as you just have to click on the “Check for updates” button and let NeoSetup scout the internet for you. As you might realize, this process is kind of limited right now as you will probably have quite a few applications in your computer that are not supported by the program so it cannot really act as a universal replacement for your update checking. Still, it is obviously a big help, especially if you are the kind of person who very regularly checks for application updates.


-Amazing one-click setups and updates
-Ideal for casual users
-Friendly layout
– Works right out of the box


-A bit limited in application support


If you are the kind of user who prefers simplicity in computer interactions then NeoSetup Updater will serve your needs greatly with its one-click solutions. The target market of this application is obvious and the developers have truly done a great job in catering to their audience.