NeoSpy Pro: Log user actions

NeoSpy Pro is a monitoring and keylogging program that will let you intercept and log pretty much any action taken by users in its installation computer. The demo version of the application allows for sixty (60) minutes of monitoring time, after which a full license must be purchased.

Installation & Requirements

First of all, you will need an active internet connection to complete the setup as the installer needs to download certain components. After it has downloaded them, you will have multiple settings to configure, such as the installation mode. The Administrator mode will make the program visible while the hidden mode will do that the name suggests. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


A very cool thing that is immediately obvious about the application is that it has been designed with all kinds of users in mind. Even inexperienced users will have no problem navigating the program and using its functions. This is because the monitoring of the program is completely automatic. The user only really has to start the monitoring, either in visible or stealth mode, and then stop it when they want to view the logs. That also means that the logs cannot be viewed while the monitoring is running, mostly because the application has to compile all of the logs after you stop monitoring a user.

Of course, each monitoring and logging aspect of the application is fully configurable. The settings menu is extensive, to say the least. Viewing the settings is also a very good way for first time users to understand the extent of what the program does. Users that are being monitored will not be able to hide anything as even the clipboard is monitored and logged. Obvious things like keystrokes and website visits are also there of course. One of the best aspects is the ability to send the reports through e-mail so that you can monitor computers remotely. You can even customize the logs that are being sent if you do not care for everything.

Reading the logs themselves is also very easy. The application offers multiple modes to view the logs in like slide shows and HTML reports. The logs will undoubtedly have a lot of information each time you monitor a user or a computer but the different modes should allow anyone to understand everything. The slideshows in particular are pretty amazing as they capture snapshots of everything that goes on. The HTML reports also contain screenshots but not as comprehensive. Obviously, the most detailed mode is the default “View Logs” one but it is also the most difficult to go through.


-Multiple installation and running modes
-Tons of settings to personalize the program
-Powerful monitoring
-Extremely detailed logs
-Anyone can use it


-Can only read the logs after stopping monitoring mode


NeoSpy Pro is amazing because despite being so detailed and deep, it is also surprisingly easy to use. The various running modes and the amount of customization just add to an already robust program that offers a lot of functionality.