How To: Nest folders in iOS 9

Image via YouTube (videosdebarraquito)

There’s no official support for nested folders in iOS, but with every major update there’s been a new way to do it. And this stands true for iOS 9. You can call this a glitch (many people do), but I do think this is just Apple’s way of keeping things simple for those who want them like that and at the same time giving some freedom to those with technical inclination.

With that said, there are actually two methods that let you place a folder inside another folder in iOS 9, and we’ll explain both of them in a moment.

1st method – Tap, tap, tap

To begin with, you’ll need to decide on a folder (let’s call it folder A) you want to place another folder (we’ll call this folder B) into.

For some reason, this method works best if folder A is in the top row of the screen, but in some cases it can be anywhere. You’ll just have to experiment a bit and see what works for your own iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Now, here’s what you need to do:

  • Enter editing mode by tapping and holding on any app or folder.
  • Tap and hold on folder B (the one you want to add into folder A).
  • While still holding folder B, repeatedly tap on folder A until it opens up.
  • Then just drag and drop folder B into folder A.
  • Press the Home button to apply the changes then tap anywhere on the screen outside folder A to exit it.

2nd method – Using the dock

This method is also straightforward, although you will have to time your actions a bit. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Accesibility -> Reduce Motion and enable the feature (you can turn it back on when you finish nesting folders).

iOS 9 - Reduce Motion setting

  • Now place a folder anywhere in the dock. This would be folder A – the one in which you plan to add other folders.
  • To continue, tap and hold on an app or folder to enter editing mode.
  • Then keep tapping the area of the dock where folder A is. As you’re doing that you’ll be moving in and out of the folder.
  • While you’re continuously tapping the dock location of folder A, try to tap and hold a different folder on your home screen.
  • Lastly, drop it into folder A and press the Home button to save the changes.

iOS 9 - Placing folder in the dock

Have you ever used nested folders before? Is it one of those must-have features that keeps your home screen tidy or have you ignored it so far? Let us know in the comments section below or give us a shout on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.