NetLimiter Pro: Control your traffic

Forcing limits onto one’s connection is a necessary evil sometimes, especially when running an internet connection with a set data plan.  NetLimiter Pro will help you in your troubles and will let you control your internet traffic using custom parameters you set.

Installation & Requirements

The setup of the program is quite long as it requires the installation of custom drivers and other things. A restart is necessary after setup completes in order for the changes made by the program to take effect. The program supports Windows XP, Vista and 7. A separate version for Windows 8 is also available.


When you first get a glimpse of the interface it will most likely seem intimidating and very complex. Although there is some truth to that, the program actually becomes quite simple and intuitive once you start digging around.
First of all, the interface has four different layouts: main, compact, full and custom. All layouts are self-explanatory and they do work as advertised. Users will do well to first choose an interface layout that they like before proceeding to work with the program as it can mean the difference between finding things clunky and unusable or sleek and intuitive.

If you already know some things about connections and processes you will definitely do fine with the program. The main menu will let you see all of the running processes and their data usage and will also let you manage them on the spot. You can scroll through the list of processes, find the most offending ones and set download and upload speed limits to them right then and there.

It is pretty great that limits can be set across the computer or on a process-to-process basis as it helps micromanage the connection with ease. The other features of the program, like the ability to set firewall rules for the processes in the same window is also very neat and it allows you to keep everything about your connection and your processes in one place.

The various menus and windows of the program are very informative, allowing you to take a quick look at how your processes interact with your connection and to manage everything immediately. Killing the connections of a process is as easy as clicking on a single option and works very well indeed. The fact that you can remotely control other computers also means that you can put restrictions on the computers of your kids without having to install a separate parental control program or something similar.

If you are looking for more complex capabilities, the program will not let you down. Creating filters, zones and permissions for computer or network users is easy work for the application and should not cause problems to users with a basic understanding of these things. The fact that the program caters to such a wide audience speaks for the dedication of the developers to include everything in a single package and it is pretty amazing.


-Intuitive design
-Works flawlessly
-The ability to customize limits as much as you want
-Most of the features are very easy to use
-Decent layout choices


-Can be unnecessarily complex in places
-Users will need to invest a fair bit of time in it


NetLimiter Pro’s many features set it apart from the competition, especially when combined with just how good it is to work with its interface. The vast amount of configuration options and management capabilities will definitely appeal to a very wide audience, something that cannot be said very often.