NetMail-Light: A local e-mail client

When you are in a local network, especially in an office setting, you need something to communicate quickly. NetMail-Light offers a service that serves that exact purpose with e-mails and messaging features integrated into the package. The program is free for up to three users.

Installation & Requirements

Before the actual installation starts, you will have to choose a language, both for the setup and the application. You will also have the option to create shortcuts. The application should theoretically work in all versions of Windows.


Like with any other e-mail client, you have to do some configuring before jumping into the main interface. There are some simple things to figure out like what ports the app should use, a username and a password. You will also get various pop ups asking you for permission to install extra things like fax support and whatnot. You can skip all of these and install everything later if you wish which is nice.

If you have ever used any e-mail client before, then the application should not be that hard to figure out. In fact, it looks like an old-school mail service so veterans of e-mail will get familiar with the program very fast. The truth is that since it is a local client, it has a general old-school aesthetic to it that does not always work in its favor. For example, you cannot easily import contacts from other applications and just start sending them e-mails. On the other hand, you probably do not need to do that in a local network setting so most users should be fine with it.

Composing and sending messages is quite easy though as everything sits in one place. You enter the e-mail address of the person you want to send the message to and another one that will tell them who it is coming from. Add files and text and you are good to go. The application also allows you to send SMS messages but only the paid version supports it fully. Finally, the application has some much-needed features like an address book and a calendar. They are a bit simplistic, especially compared to popular applications and web services of today, but they are still useful if you want to keep everything in one place.


-Easy to setup
-Very simple to create and send e-mails
-A few extra tools add some functionality


-Feels outdated
-Lacks some basic features found in similar programs


NetMail-Light offers a very simple way to send and receive e-mails in a local network without spending too much time on it. However, this leaves with only the most basic of features so bear that in mind before getting too excited.