Network Inventory Advisor: PC Inventory Software for easy network management and auditing

Running a network is a difficult job and one that requires a lot of multi-tasking at times. Simple errors can lead to disaster and you always need to keep things in check. Network Inventory Advisor is a tool dedicated to simplifying and solidifying the process of completing software, hardware and miscellaneous IT assets inventory.

Installation & Requirements

The installation is very hassle free. First of all, you need to choose a language. After that, you agree to the EULA, choose a folder to install to and whether or not you would like shortcuts to be created and that’s it. After the installation is done you can choose to run the program immediately. The program runs natively on Windows starting from the 95 version but each version older than Windows 2000/XP will have some restriction on the interactions with other computers. Mac operating systems are supported as well starting from 10.6 as long as they have remote login available.


Starting the application for the first time informs you that you can buy a license or use up to 10 nodes for free. After that, you are taken to a pre-configure screen, a first time setup if you will. You must choose the approximate number of nodes, the scanning method that varies between fast and accurate and the types of nodes that are not running Windows like Macs and PCs with Linux. You can either complete it right then and there with the added option of seeing the adjustments or skip it. Enabling it takes you to the adjustments screen where you can actually start the Network Inventory Advisor. After a welcome page you are taken to the scan screen where you can set the username and password and choose between a pre-set smart scan and an advanced one with options suited to your needs.

After the scanning is complete, the assets on your network will appear. You can find information on each and every one of them by clicking on their names. The program gives you extremely detailed information on everything on that computer. Hardware details including peripherals, all the software currently installed on the system, firewall details and information on the users of the particular computer. All the categories are handed to you on the right of the screen and clicking on each one will reveal specific information. On the left, you can see all the devices on your network and choose what you want to do with them. You can ignore them, edit them, rename them or view information about them. If you add something to that particular PC you can also scan again to reveal more details.

If there is a problem with any assets of your network, you can resolve them right then and there. The program informs you on various things regarding the PCs. For example, my PC had less than 10% space left in storage and the application informed me immediately. Moreover, if scanning fails for whatever reason, you can also export an audit agent to that particular PC in order to get information that is unavailable through other means. Anything that cannot be solved redirects you to the support website where you can find various threads on already existing problems or contact support for more particular issues.

The other amazing feature of this program is the report function. There is a huge amount of options regarding the reports that you can have for each PC in your network. These vary from details about the hardware each PC possesses in order to various services like whether or not the PCs have antivirus software enabled in them. You can even right click and print the reports and it is an immensely convenient feature that really helps network managers with a very neat categorization system that provides information on everything with a simple click.


-Clean but rich interface
-An abundance of features even for free users
-Perfect for start-up companies that need immediate details on how to manage their systems
-Incredibly detailed information on everything PC related
-Management is made easier by having the reports and the information in one simple, convenient place


-Networks with more than 10 nodes will have to acquire a paid license
-Might be overwhelming for amateur users


Network Inventory Advisor is a must have program for any network manager. All the information you could possibly need on your network’s computers are all in one neat package that you can edit to your heart’s content. It is an application that should not be missed by anyone who is serious about their jobs or wants to simply make life easier.