New Android App: Inapp Translator

Inapp Translator

By MedCV (Medical Computer Vision)

Say, you like reading der Spiegel, but never got to learn German, so you resort to reading its International edition only. Or, you want to be able to understand what your French girlfriend is posting on her Facebook or Twitter timeline. How about translating with one tap only? This new Android app could be the solution – Inapp Translator comes free on Google Play and has a premium upgrade for $10, which is currently on sale for a limited time.

The core of this app is to let you copy the text you want translated from the app you are currently using, and translate it from the clipboard without closing the currently used app. Inapp Translator needs to be running before you select the text, and it will appear as a floating icon above the current app.

Inapp Translator select text

Inapp Translator relies on Microsoft translation, so you get a rather mechanic but nonetheless understandable rendition of foreign text to your mother tongue.

The developers explain the decision behind MS translation engine with considerations of price – since Google charges developers for implementing Google Translation, Microsoft translation provides a more affordable solution, thus enabling the devs to make it a free, though ad-supported app.

The ads are not a big nag, but the app itself needs some polishing, and considering it’s the first version, and quite a promising one, we willingly give it a credibility fore. The app could use some improvements in the design department and maybe give the user some basic icon transparency and size customization options. That said, the team behind Inapp Translator appear to be perfectly aware of the user feedback and promise the new release would address most of them. It is impossible to make the app translate everything automatically, though, since it would require root access. Also, it would be nice to be able to configure the language pairs you use the most to create a quick access button.

Inapp Translator languages

Overall, it’s a handy translation tool with a lot of potential. Last, but not least, it works with 45 languages, including Klingon, and the number of compatible apps resorts to those apps that let you copy text from them (Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Viber, WhatsApp, Outlook, all browsers, and most book readers). The app monitors the contents of your clipboard and translates it automatically whenever you add something new to it.

Inapp Translator input text or clear clipboard

You can also type your own sentence or expression and have it immediately translated to paste it to any other app that supports pasting functionality. This makes translating text messages and emails quite easy on mobile devices, not to mention it can help those learning foreign languages.

Inapp Translator translate to spanish

The app’s greatest virtue is it lets you translate without closing the current app, and even though you may have a few suggestions as to how developers can make the app more streamlined, it still is a neat solution to mobile translation needs of those who need to be informed, friendly and productive on the go.

If Inapp Translator sounds like something you might make use of, go ahead and download it from Google Play. It’s free.