New App: CoSurf for iPad

Back in May we covered 10 Love Apps for Couples, and CoSurf is a new app that elaborates on the theme. The app is simple, yet provides an unprecedented functionality – CoSurf lets two people browse the Internet simultaneously using the same device. Made specifically for iPads, CoSurf is great for couples, and besides the smooching and cuddling couples who want to share their everything, CoSurf can be a life-saver during trips when you don’t want to take everybody’s gadgets, but only the ones you can’t live without. As a result, you can take one iPad per family and let people check their emails and social accounts in batches of two.


Here is how it works. Co-Surf splits iPad’s screen in two halves, opening two independent browser instances on each of them. Sit in front of one another with your iPad in the middle and start surfing the web simultaneously and independently.

When one of the two users lifts the device towards himself/herself, he gets the full screen view of his browser. If you don’t like this feature, you can lock sharing orientation by tapping on the lock icon located in the center of the screen, and co-surf from any position.

Users can create multiple user accounts and keep favorites for each account separately. Found something fun – swap sides to let your partner see your browser with a twist of your fingers.

Fun, Useful and Free

CoSurf is free and comes without in-app purchases, so there is no reason not to give it a test drive. If you wonder what could be the possible use in it, think unconditionally:

  • Two students or colleagues working on a project together
  • Large families on a trip
  • A couple cuddling on a couch
  • Siblings, friends, lovers, colleagues – anyone can take advantage of one device with a CoSurf functionality.

The only downside for now is the keyboard – only one person can use the keyboard at a time, so while one browsing partner is typing, the other will have to wait. Hopefully, the developers can figure out a way to bypass that restriction soon.


The more I think about it, the more advantages I find in this unique app. Of course, secretive couples, where each of the partners sticks to him/herself and locks his/her device with a strong password, are unlikely to enjoy the idea of sharing a browsing experience together on the same device. On the other hand, families, couples and friends with strong bonds may want to be even closer in their relationship, and Co-Surf can help bring people together. Even if you are engrossed in your Twitter timeline, being physically close to your loved one, and sharing laughs and impressions can be an enriching experience. Not to mention how convenient the co-surfing can be on the go.

If you feel like simultaneous browsing for two people sharing the same iPad sounds like fun, check out the app – it’s free!

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Developer BoCoSoft
Price: free