New App: Lollipop Launcher for Android

Independent developer Mobint Software known for Holo Launcher recently released a Lollipop Launcher, and it has generated some positive feedback, so let us take a closer look at this app.

Clipboard-1Lollipop Launcher
by Mobint Software
Price: free

First of all, it is a Kitkat launcher, but styled as a Lollipop one, so do not expect a launcher will give your device the new OS makeover.

That said, the launcher is very lightweight and fast, which may be a deal breaker for users with older or low-end devices that do not expect to receive Lollipop any time soon, if ever.

lollipop launcher (14)

The overall impression is it is simple, functional and looks like Lollipop, but is not Lollipop. Nonetheless, it has a great potential, and with a little bit of polish, the rough edges will be removed, and you will be happy sporting a neat launcher.

lollipop launcher (16)

Another thing I noticed it could use more wallpapers and compatibility with more icon packs, but the default set is fine by me. However, it will make you browse for Lollipop wallpapers online, instead of bringing a bundle with it.

Next, it is based on Google Now Launcher, so the function works perfectly fine whenever you say the hotword from your home screen.

It is supposed to work with icon packs, but the ones I wanted to use turned out to be incompatible. You can customize two gestures – swipe up and swipe down and assign various tasks to them. Among the things you can change and customize are  animations and layouts. You can also customize the App Drawer with horizontal or vertical scrolling, hiding apps and custom effects. Available is infinite scrolling and the possibility to create multiple scrollable docks.

Given that this launcher supports devices running ICS, Jelly Bean and KitKat, I see it gaining traction, as many devices won’t be getting Lollipop OS. Even though it may lack advanced features you would find in Apex, Nova or Action launchers, it is good looking and barebones, sticking to its core functionality without consuming much of your RAM and storage, or battery juices. After all, not every user needs advanced features, and not all devices can handle them smoothly.


  • Supports icon packs
  • Has Google Now features like Ok, Google hotword from home screen
  • Multiple scrollable docks you can create
  • Customizable app drawer
  • Support for older OS versions and low end devices
  • Fast, lightweight
  • No IAPs, free


  • No advanced features
  • Could use an update, but my guess it is not far away since the app is gaining popularity

The bottom line is Lollipop launcher is like KitKat Google Now launcher with an extra icing on top of it. Spice it with a little bit more Lollipop wallpapers and a few icon packs, or add support for more icon packs, multiply it by the fact that it is snappy and lightning fast, and you get a really simple, yet awesome launcher for users who do not want advanced features. It doesn’t make your OS a Lollipop, but it makes it look nice and run smooth. The app definitely has a potential, so grab it while it is free and without in-app purchases.

lollipop launcher (15)