News & Weather is Google’s first iOS app that supports the Apple Watch


There are already thousands of apps supporting the Apple Watch, even though it came out just last month. Prominent names like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram already have their apps available on the Watch, or will soon add this functionality.

Like pretty much everyone else, Google is certainly not ignoring the device as they just launched their first Apple Watch app, News & Weather. To be specific, they already had it available in the App Store and now they implemented support for the smartwatch, with the latest update.

Google’s News & Weather app for iOS was just launched the past fall. The app gives you weather information, and the latest headlines and local news in a clean and simple layout. The Watch version might disappoint you a bit though.

News & Weather on Apple Watch

You can view headlines on your wrist, as well as header pictures of the articles, but you can’t read their content, not even a summary. In the end, you’ll still have to rely on your iPhone if you want to actually read the news.

The Watch app for News & Weather is not completely useless, but it does offer a limited amount of functionality right now. Nevertheless, Google will probably improve it soon, and they’ll surely add Apple Watch support for more of their iOS apps in the near future.

News & Weather already works on the Watch, so if you’re curious about it and want to give it a try, you can download it from here.

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