Newsbin Pro: Powerful Usenet client

Newsbin Pro is a shareware Usenet client that will let you download data from all of your favorite Usenet servers. The trial version runs for 10 days, after which a full version must be purchased.

Installation & Requirements

The program’s setup is quite comprehensive so prepare to spend some time with it. In truth, you can skip all of the options and configure them later through the application’s settings menu but it will be easier if you do it during the setup. You will need information like your Usenet server and your login credentials so it is best to keep them handy. The application supports version s of Windows from 2000 and later.


Keeping in line with the general aesthetic of Usenet applications, Newsbin Pro is very easy to use and the interface shows that. Despite the comparisons between similar clients, the program still has quite a few unique features. The interface itself is very easy navigate and every option, feature and utility is within reach. The top of the interface is occupied by a couple of toolbars, the middle sports the search feature while the bottom will show you the files that are being downloaded and the completed ones.

Rolling the mouse over any of the buttons found within the application gives a brief description of the utility it represents. Almost every other utility opens in a separate window but it is all kept within the application’s mainframe, making it look seamless. The application has a dedicated wikia page that serves as a Help page along with a forum and an active community. Any question you might have can be easily found and chances are that there is an answer for it. The beginner’s guide is also a great place to start, especially to those new to Usenet Newsgroups in general.

As far as downloading and browsing files goes, extra care has been given to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If it does not, helpful error messages will tell you what the problem is and will even suggest fixes. However, once you connect to a Usenet server, you probably will not run into any issues. On that end, advanced users will be very happy to know that the program’s Settings menu is exhaustive. Anything from speed limiting to remote connections can be configured through the settings. Scripts can also be created or downloaded for Newsbin, added an extra set of flair to the application.


-Detailed setup procedure
-Neat, elegant interface
-Easy to use
-Loads of options to customize for anyone who wants to
-Help guides, websites and videos


-Price might be a bit high


Newsbin Pro is definitely one of the better Usenet clients you can find in the Internet right now. Simple for the average user yet deep enough for the ones who are willing to go the extra mile, everyone can be happy.