NewsLeecher: Usenet manager

NewsLeecher is a shareware Usenet application that will let you manage your feed, your downloads and pretty much anything related to the Usenet servers that you use in a single package.

Installation & Requirements

The setup for the application could not be faster. It is also very simple as it offers basic options like shortcut creations and the like. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


When you first start the application you will be asked to insert your registration details. If you are using the trial version you will have to wait for a few seconds until the continue button becomes enabled and you will then be able to proceed normally.

The interface of NewsLeecher is quite elegantly designed. Everything just seems to fall in place naturally which creates familiar working environment within minutes of using the program. The application’s various tools and utilities can be navigated through the tabs. Those same tabs can be freely rearranged by dragging and dropping them to your desired position. To start with, you will obviously need to connect to a server. Your entire server configuration needs will happen at the Manager tab. You must simply click on the Add server button and add the information of your subscribed server. After you have entered the details of the server, you can easily connect and disconnect through the button at the top left corner of the program that you can find in any tab.

What is probably the most interesting feature of the application is the SuperSearch utility. Think of it as a Usenet Google as in it will let you find whatever you are looking for in a matter of seconds. Simply enter you search terms and it will scout the database for what you are looking for. The settings for this feature and any other feature can be accessed by the respective button, usually found at the right corner beneath the tabs. Otherwise you can simply click on the toolbox and choose the Settings option and then navigate to the specific settings that you are looking for.

Hotkeys and shortcuts are also a very big part of the application. There are tons of hotkeys that you can configure that will give you access to the more advanced features of the application. For example, pressing Ctrl + 3 will open the IMDB search module. You can enter your search terms and the application will automatically open your browser and enter that term in the search module of that website.


-Simple setup
-Customizable interface
-Very easy to use

-Tons of different utilities and tools
-Configurable hotkeys


-A few bugs here and there


NewsLeecher is a perfect example of what a Usenet manager should be like. It provides a lot of customization options and an interface that is very easy to work with, making it ideal for newcomers and veterans alike.