NewsletterDesigner pro: Create custom newsletters

NewsletterDesigner pro is a shareware program that allows anyone to create professional newsletters with an array of designs and no technical knowledge required. The trial version is free with some limitations.

Installation & Requirements

The only real choice you will have to make during the installation is whether you want Outlook integration or not. You can always change that later but it is a good idea to decide beforehand. Application supports all versions of Windows starting from 2000 till the latest release.


Great care has been given into making the application appear easy to use. The program is aimed at people that want to design newsletters themselves but lack the knowledge of HTML and other things that are usually put into creating a newsletter. Technical terms are rarely used and instead, the application is divided in a few simple categories like Newsblocks and Pictures.

Each of the categories is represented by a tab that you can click on to go to the editing portion of the program. You will usually have very few options in each tab but they all add up to whatever you want them to be. The existing templates are a great place to start as they provide an easy outline for the newsletter you wish to create. All of the templates come with placeholder text and pictures so that you can preview it immediately.

Everything can be changed though as customization is a major aspect of newsletters in general. Any changes you make are applied immediately and you can preview them in the respective tab. There are loads of subtle changes like putting separators in between text and pictures. Although a lot of the changes are small, they are pretty much all you need to create a professional newsletter. The two toolbars at the top and bottom provide very good ways to navigate all aspects of the application.

As I said before, the templates provide an easy way to create the newsletters but if you spend some time with the program, no two projects will look the same. Changes in colors and fonts can make a world of difference and the preview tab will show you just that. Moving on from that, the integration with other services is a very pleasant addition as well. I would have liked to see support for more applications but the Outlook integration should be enough for a lot of users. After all, it is better to have one thing that works perfectly than having additional features that are not as polished.


-Emphasis on functionality
-Quite a lot of things to work with
-Integration with services like Outlook
-Anyone can create good-looking newsletters


-Could use additional customization options
-Lacks support for additional services


NewsletterDesigner pro will let anyone create elegant newsletters that showcase individual customization skills. The way the interface is designed makes the application very easy to use so the developers have succeeded in what they set out to do.