Norton Removal Tool: Remove Norton leftovers

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Norton Removal Tool is a tiny application that can scan your computer for any traces of various Norton programs, including the main antivirus one and the various utilities it encompasses. The program is provided by the company free of charge.

Installation & Requirements

There is no installation necessary for the application as it is an uninstaller of sorts by itself. The application supports most versions of Windows, considering that you need to have a Norton product installed in your PC in order to run it.


As I mentioned before, the application is a kind of uninstaller albeit a really targeted one. It also looks exactly like an installer/uninstaller does so every user should have a sense of familiarity with it. The stern warnings displayed throughout might be intimidating to some users but they serve a good purpose as they inform users that they should be careful with the application and that its effects are not reversible although that is probably the precise reason why you would use it.

Using the application is incredibly simple as users mostly have to go through a Next-to-Next process with a CAPTCHA image thrown in for good measure. The process should also be quite fast on most computers although that will depend on the amount of Norton products you had installed in your computer. After the scanning and removal process is over, the user will also be redirected to a Norton support page where they can learn about the best ways to re-install the company products without a hitch this time around.

In comparison to similar utilities by other antivirus and protection companies, Norton’s tool stands out as one of the most thorough ones and it actually ranks quite well on speed too. If you were having any issues reinstalling or uninstalling a Norton product, your issues are most likely to be fixed by the Norton Removal Tool which is great to know if you are currently using any company products or even thinking about using any in the future.


-Fast scan and removing
-Very thorough
-Can detect and remove the problematic apps with almost no effort from the user


-None worth mentioning


You obviously know what you are getting with Norton Removal Tool but the good news is that the application does work as promised and the whole process is over before you know it with most if not all of your issues fixed within minutes.