Notezilla: Your endless pile of desktop sticky notes

Let’s face it: using paper sticky notes to remember things is something that lots of people do. Sadly, when their number gets too high, besides a messy desk you may not even find the ones you’re looking for or at least waste lots of time doing it.

Notezilla offers the virtual alternative of the classic paper sticky notes, but with additional customization, management and sorting options that can prevent unwanted clutter on your computer screen.

Installation & Requirements

Notezilla’s install process is quick and the user only has to go through the standard setup dialogs. The trial version doesn’t have any features disabled and can be used for up to 30 days before buying a license.

Notezilla works on both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. A portable version of Notezilla is also available, which doesn’t require installation and allows users to take their sticky notes anywhere.


Notezilla runs in the system tray, where a small icon offers two context menus a simple one for left mouse click and an extended one for right mouse click. Users can create new sticky notes from either of the two menus or using a hotkey (by default Ctrl+Shift+U).

Any created sticky note can be customized in multiple aspects. First of all, users can modify the note’s color, skin and transparency. Text copied from anywhere else can be pasted inside the note and the sticky note’s menu offers text editing options allow changing the text’s font, size, color & style, add bullets & numbering, checkboxes and even insert pictures.

The tray icon’s right-click menu also offers a quick search function and desktop notes sorting options. Since you may not want to see the sticky notes all the time, they can easily be hidden and restored from the same menu.

Notezilla has an interesting feature called Memoboards. In its Notes Browser, users can organize their notes into folders, called Memoboards. The dedicated pane shows all Memoboards in a tree structure for easy browsing. Users can also view notes based on several filters such as starred, due, unread, on desktop, recently created…etc. A note can also have a due period or date and from Notezilla’s Preferences menu, users can set up reminder and snooze times, but also disable and enable the alarm sound used for these notifications.

Notezilla offers an endless number of features that can be used to increase the functionality of your sticky notes, but one that truly shows this program’s versatility is the ability to stick notes to windows. A window can be anything from an application to a document and even a website, since Notezilla is using the window’s title to remember this setting.


– Easy install process.
– Allows users to create an endless number of sticky notes with customizable appearance and text.
– The built-in Notes Browser offers Memoboards to organize the notes and selective viewing based on filters.
– Notes can have a user-defined due time or date with visual and audio reminders.
– Notes can be attached to any window that is currently open.
– Sync function for notes lets users sync & store noted over the Internet based on a account.


– None worth mentioning.


– Stickies
– StickyPad


Notezilla is a paid program, but its unparalleled number of features and capabilities make it worth the money. At the moment, there’s no similar application that can offer the customization level offered by Notezilla.