NougatShortcuts tweak makes 3D Touch menus look like Nougat’s quick options

Lately, there’s an increasing number of jailbreak tweaks designed to make iOS more similar to Android Nougat. One of the newest ones is the NougatShortcuts tweak.

NougatShortcuts will make the Home Screen 3D Touch menus look like Android Nougat’s quick options.

With the tweak installed, each menu option will have rounded corners and a solid, non-transparent background.

NougatShortcuts tweak provides a preferences pane in the Settings app where you can customize a few options.

NougatShortcuts tweak

The first option lets you enable and disable the tweak as needed. For this one you will need to respring your device to apply the change. Nevertheless, you can also adjust the corner radius and the style for the 3D Touch menu items.

While normally 3D Touch capability is limited to a few handsets, with a jailbroken device you can use a tweak such as Forcy to simulate 3D Touch gestures even if it doesn’t have native support. As a result, NougatShortcuts tweak is useful even for older iPhone models.

For those who like the visual aspect of Android Nougat, this tweak provides a neat customization. However, it doesn’t bring any new functional features nor does it change existing ones, so if you decide to use it, it will be purely for the new look of your 3D Touch menus.

The tweak is available in Cydia’s BigBoss repo for free, but for now it only supports jailbroken devices running iOS 9.

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