Offline YouTube will soon be available in India

    Big changes lie ahead for the popular video sharing website. At the same event where Android One was launched, Caesar Sengupta, Product Management Director at Google, announced that in the near future YouTube users from India will be able to save videos offline.

    Most YouTube content will made available for offline use within the next few weeks. Sengupta said YouTube is incredibly popular in India and this new option will please many of its users. The possibility of downloading videos on mobile devices and watch them offline would also help users conserve their data plans.

    Google is also working on a new subscription-based service called YouTube Music Key – but it’s different than offline YouTube. Firstly, this service focuses on music content and secondly, Music Key is said to have a price of $9,99/month.

    It seems YouTube going offline will not require a subscription but there’s no information on what system Google intends to use to monetize the videos stored offline.

    YouTube Music Key will offer users offline audio and video playback and a handy Audio-only mode for those who want to listen to music while doing something else on their smartphones. The service will also provide exclusive content such as access to artist catalogues, remixes and concert footage.