OneStart: More than one way to customize your Windows Phone Start Screen

    clean boot Windows 10 with startup items disabled

    With the support for transparent backgrounds being added to Windows Phone, Start Screen customization apps are flooding the store, and growing in numbers as we speak. Among them, you’ll find OneStart an app with impressive ratings that lets you create custom backgrounds for the Start Screen with very little effort.

    This isn’t exactly Photoshop (nor should it be), so to get you started the app comes with 9 background modes: Plain (one color gradient), Dual (two color gradient), Image (customize your own image) and Rainbow (2-6 colors depending on the number of columns you choose for the layout). This is as far as free presets go.

    OneStart Rainbow mode

    The app is free but you can upgrade to the Pro version for $0.99 and get 5 more background modes: Mist, Brilliance, Crystal and Magic.

    Customizing the presets is not complicated at all. Using the Image mode, you can enhance any of your images to use it as a background and the Rainbow mode lets you create multi-colored columns based on various tile layouts. On top of that, OneStart lets you create a blank tile or group label.

    Once you’re satisfied how a background looks you can save it onto your phone and set it up as your Start Screen. Since its a saved image you can easily use it for your Lock screen and any app that lets you customize its background using your own images.

    Sure, those payed modes offer some pretty cool gradients and shapes but even the free features offered by OneStart provide a decent set of options to personalize your Start Screen, which is exactly why the app is so popular.

    OneStartDownload from Windows Store

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