O&O Defrag Professional Edition: A complete defragmentation tool

Computers require constant maintenance otherwise they are sure to slow down over time. O&O Defrag Professional Edition provides some of that maintenance via a very comprehensive defragmentation utility.

Installation & Requirements

Be certain to have an internet connection available during the installation as it will need to check and download a newer version as needed. Other than that the installer is very well designed with a good amount of customization options and a fast process. The program supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. A version for Windows Servers is available separately.


The interface of the program is meticulously designed with a beautiful visual look and a ton of options and icons that do not obstruct the view in any way at all but rather provide a very good working environment that becomes familiar quite fast.

There are a lot of utilities to experiment with in the program. First of all, notice that there are different tabs in the top and the bottom of the application like the Start, Extras Options and ClusterView, Time view and History in each respective position. The top toolbar is reserved for the various actions while the bottom toolbar lets you view information in different ways and in different formats. In the middle of the window you will find all of your available drives.

Choosing an action is very simple and can be done by either clicking on the drive and then choosing an option from the toolbar or simply right clicking on it and choosing one from the context menu. Moreover, the application adds some options in the context menu of Windows Explorer so that you can defragment specific folders of your choice by simply right clicking on them and choosing the defragment option.

Depending on how long it has been since your last defragmentation, the application might take quite a lot of time to defragment the drives. You can analyze the drive beforehand to check it out so that you know how much time it will take. As a general rule, high percentages of defragmentation in a slow drive will take a lot of time to complete so keep that in mind before starting the process. You can continue using your computer normally while the drives are being processed but it is not recommended.

Apart from the simple scanning and defragmenting utility, O&O Defrag offers a lot more tools that are accessible from the top toolbar like wiping out free space in your computer, trimming your SSDs so that they always perform at their optimal capacity, inspecting drives for hardware errors and more. The application also offers a very comprehensive scheduling utility that will let you set all of those tools beforehand. You can even schedule them to run automatically every set amount of time so that you never have to bother doing it manually again.


-Fast and detailed installation
-Clean and sleek visuals
-User friendly interface
-A myriad of tools and utilities that help shape the program
-Fast defragmentation compared to other applications


-The price might be too steep for some


O&O Defrag Professional Edition is one of the best defragmentation tools in the market, offering a lot of options and extra utilities that truly everyone can benefit from. No one wants a slow PC and this program makes sure that your computer will perform optimally.