How: To Open Folder Options in Windows 8.x

The Windows 8 Folder Options encompass a solid collection of settings that let you customize how to see, browse and access your folders but also other folder related tweaks. The Folder Options window can be easily accessed, and there’s more than one way to do it.

Method 1- Open Folder Options using the Search function

This may seem a bit amateurish, but using the Search function is actually one of the fastest ways to access Folder Options (and obviously other system settings).

1. Fire up the Search bar, using the Win+S keyboard shortcut or by selecting the Search charm from the Charms bar.

2. Type “Folder Options” in the Search box and click on the result with the same name.

Search - Folder options

Method 2 – Open Folder Options from the Control Panel

Open the Control Panel in icons view and click or tap on the Folder Options icon.

Control Panel - Folder Options

Method 3- Open Folder Options in File Explorer

A. Open up File Explorer. Go to the View tab and click/tap on the Options icon.

File Explorer - View tab - Options

B. From the Options menu select “Change folder and search options”. Both actions open the Folder Options window.

File Explorer - View tab - Options (Change folder and search options)

Folder Options with its 3 tabs: