Optimize your Android’s RAM with DU Speed Booster

  • DU Speed Booster (Cleaner)
  • By DU Apps

DU Speed Booster is an advanced speed and memory management tool with plenty of bundled awesomeness – task killer, storage analyzer, speed booster, RAM booster, clean master, battery saver and security guard, wrapped into one beautiful user interface available free of charge on Google Play.

You must be familiar with this developer, thanks to DU Battery Saver, which gained great reputation on Play store, thanks to its advanced power management that allows to enhance your device’s battery life up to 70%, so DU Speed Booster has some credibility by virtue of the brand alone.

Now, DU Speed Booster claims that it’s capable of speeding up your device up to 60% and clean the system from trash files and free some storage space. Even though there are plenty of similar apps on Google Play, few of them really boost memory, while DU speed booster delivers as promised. Let’s see what this wonder app has under the hood.


Security – Built-in security module prevents viruses and malicious program from penetrating your private data.

Device management

As far as device management is concerned, DU speed booster is a really powerful tool for un-rooted devices. It gives you tools to manage your background tasks, free memory space, bulk-manage apps’ installation and un-installation and battery performance, but most importantly, (and to my opinion, this is one of the neatest features of DU speed booster) it gives you the power to inspect apps permissions and block some of them – all through an intuitive UI.

Most of the options are available through one tap only, so this device manager features both advanced functionality and ease-of-use perfect for novice users.

It scans deep within your device, including SD card storage and suggests which trash files can be cleaned to free some disk space; it analyzes memory to suggest which processes can be terminated to free some memory and speed up your device’s performance.

DU Speed 1

One of the neatest features here is the game booster module, which recognizes whenever you launch a game, and automatically terminates unnecessary apps and processes to direct your device’s juices towards gaming experience, which effectively guarantees a smoother gameplay with less or no lags and crashes.

Speed accelerator runs a diagnostics of your system to determine which processes can be terminated to optimize your device’s performance. Also, it allows you to manage and kill background processes. Rooted devices will also enjoy the option that allows them to disable auto-start apps. It also has the option to freeze unnecessary applications temporarily to speed performance and increase memory.

Needless to explain what trash cleaner does – it analyzes your SD card and android storage to define trash and residual files and delete them, if necessary.

DU Speed 3

Most of all, we loved the app manager that features batch install and uninstall manager that monitors your system for leftover files whenever you uninstall an application. It gives you a very responsive and streamlined interface to manage apps both on your SD card and phone memory – move them, install and uninstall, even in batches, which can be especially useful when you accumulate a hefty load of games and apps you no longer use.

Another feature we loved about DU Speed booster is the permissions manager, which creates a list of installed applications and reviews them for permissions. Thus, you can view the list based on permissions requested by each app, or based on category of permissions. You can create blacklists of apps and deny them access to your text messages, contacts and call logs, which is a great feature, indeed.

DU Speed 2


  • security bundles
  • game booster module
  • apps bulk management
  • speed booster
  • RAM booster
  • Clean, intuitive, uncluttered UI
  • the app is free
  • delivers as promised
  • nifty accelerator widget


There is only one thing to consider here – whether you trust the developer, or not, because in order to deliver the above-mentioned functionality, the app needs to have extensive app permissions on your device. I entrust my device to DU apps, but the decision is solely up to you. It is worth mentioning the developer clearly states why the app needs permissions, so basically they are justifiable and the developer commits to not sharing your private data, or aggregating it.


DU Speed Booster deserves your attention, without a doubt. It’s free, fast and efficient, and delivers as promised. It sports a modern, attractive interface, which lets you perform almost every action through one tap only, in most cases. Unlike many other device managers, DU Speed Booster does free memory; and a slew of other advanced features make it a go-to device management tool for your Android. Boost your gaming and productivity, extend your battery life, clean trash, manage apps – DU Speed Booster has you covered. If you haven’t used any speed and RAM management tools by now, you must have accumulated a hefty load of trash files and apps you’re not using, while memory is something all devices have issues with, so go ahead and try out this free app and not only speed your device, but see your apps and regulate permissions they enjoy. Let us know what you think of the app in the comments below.