OroTimeSheet: Manage the time of your projects

Keeping track of the time  you or your employees have been spending on your projects does not need to be hard. OroTimeSheet lets you handle things like time and expenses management with ease.

Installation & Requirements

There are a few things to keep in mind during the setup. First of all, you have to decide the mode you want to install. IF you plan on using it only for yourself you should choose the default stand-alone mode. If you want multiple people to access the databases of the application simultaneously you should install the Client or Server modes.  In addition to that, you will have the option of installing various other optional modules that compliment that application. The supported operating systems are Windows XP and above.


When you first start the application you will need to complete the Configuration wizard. The application will not let you do anything before completing the wizard but you should not really worry about the information you provide as it can be restarted at any point from the Configuration menu of OroTimeSheet. When you have completed it you can start using the application normally.

Using the various aspects of the application is easy when you get the gist of it. The majority of the interface is taken but the timesheets that you will slowly add as your project moves on. You can view information about each thing separately, namely customers, projects, activities, employees and invoices. Simply click on any of the respective icons in order to bring the editor up. There you can add new items, edit and delete the ones you currently have.

Adding a timesheet is also an easy task. Simply click on the “New timesheet” icon and you will be taken to the Timesheet editor. Here you can enter detailed information about the hours each employee is working, their project and their salary. You can even customize it as much as you want. In the example database provided by the application, the Administrator is on leave so even though the hour shifts are left the same, his working hours are marked as non-billable which will be calculated at the end of the day. It is an amazingly deep process that hides behind a simple setup.

Lastly, you can generate detailed reports about anything that has gone through the application. Billing costs, time schedules, invoice payments, employee transactions and everything else you can think of can be compiled in a report and saved in your computer. You can then send that to anyone you want, including your employees and your clients. This is especially useful if you are the administrator of the project and everyone has OroTimeSheet installed as you can access their servers and check their reports simultaneously.


-The configuration process provides very personalized results
-Detailed information on anything you would need about the projects you are currently working on
-Clean interface but with an abundance of information
-The various tools, especially the reports function, are very well thought out


-The information can be too much for inexperienced users


If you are looking for a time-saver that will free your hands of hours of boring and tiring work and will have information readily available to you in real time and at any given point, OroTimeSheet is for you. The detailed lists and fully customizable interface are amazing, especially for project leaders.