Outfit7 opens pre-registration for Talking Tom Hero Dash


The Talking Tom and Friends franchise will soon launch its first-ever superhero-themed game, with the fast-paced endless runner Talking Tom Hero Dash now opening pre-registration ahead of the game’s release.

Talking Tom Hero Dash sees Talking Tom and his friends assume the role of superhero saviors when a pack nefarious raccoons start causing chaos across the world, defacing famous monuments and wrecking the peace and tranquility of the game’s 5 exotic worlds. And to top it off, they’ve also kidnapped Tom’s superhero friends! The 3-lane runner gameplay is fast and fluid, set against beautiful backdrops that have been inspired by cities like Rio de Janeiro and New York City, as well as locations like the deserts of Egypt and the snowy expanses of Iceland.

The object of the game is straightforward, requiring you to avoid obstacles, collect coins, and take out enemies. As soon as you’ve collected enough coins you can exchange them to repair all of the damage caused by the loathsome raccoons. And once each world’s been restored to its former glory, it’s a simple matter of taking down that world’s raccoon boss, rescuing one of Tom’s superhero friends, and unlocking the next stage. There are 4 friends in total to be rescued (Talking Angela, Talking Ben, Talking Hank, and Talking Ginger) and, once freed, they’ll be unlocked as playable characters, each with their own unique costumes and superpowers.

But the heroes need the power of millions to help them save the world! So head over to the Talking Tom Hero Dash website to pre-register now! If 3 million heroes pre-register, Outfit7 will gift everyone the exclusive, limited edition Titanium Force outfit when the game launches. It’s just the gear you need to set out on your adventure to defeat the raccoons!

For more superhero adventures with Talking Tom and Friends, watch Outfit7’s brand new, action-packed animated series, Talking Tom Heroes, on YouTube now.