Panda Antivirus Pro: A good protection for your computer

Panda Antivirus Pro is an antivirus solution that offers protection against a large array of viruses, spyware and malware, boasting 30% faster scans than its predecessors due to the brand new UltraFast scan engine. Panda Antivirus Pro also features the Smart Clean technology which not only disinfects your files from the latest Trojan Horse viruses, but also restores the damaged system files and settings.

Panda Antivirus Main Screen

Installation & Requirements

Panda Antivirus Pro is a shareware program with a 30 day trial period, after which you will need to buy a license in order to be able to use the product further. The installation process is pretty clean and there are no adware or toolbars.

Installing Panda Antivirus Pro on a malware infected machine usually goes very well and without incidents. However, sometimes there might be issues with the installation process on such a machine, depending on the malware in question. Fortunately, Panda Antivirus Pro benefits from great support and good community feedback.

Panda Antivirus Pro is only available for Windows OS and needs a system that can meet at least the following system requirements:

– Windows XP/Vista/Win 7
– Intel Pentium CPU 300 MHz
– 128 MB of RAM
– 265 MB free space


The interface has a slick design, featuring a charcoal grey background with neon green accents. The top menu displays all the key features as wide buttons making them easy to access. The main content area is divided into three panels, one for Protection (and all the related functions), one for Updates and the last one for commercial purposes (presenting other Panda security products).

All in all Panda Antivirus Pro was designed with a stylish interface that allows its users to understand and access all its features even at first sight.


– Excellent support.
– Firewall included.
– Many great features like the Virtual keyboard and SmartClean.
– Good malware detection.


– Sometimes it can fail to disinfect detected malware.
– The firewall can be quite vulnerable.
– Not the best choice when dealing with rootkit infections.
– Supports only Windows platform.

Panda Antivirus Pro Alternatives

We’ve already seen how rich the antivirus software market is, so it’s easy to see that Panda Antivirus Pro has some tough competition out there.

Avast Free Antivirus is a very powerful antivirus software that supports Mac, Windows and Linux platforms altogether. It features a large database, a user friendly and appealing user interface, it benefits from great support and it’s also free to use, altough it doesn’t come with a built-in firewall.

A second alternative to Panda Antivirus Pro is AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition which, as the title suggests, is the free version of the popular AVG Antivirus. AVG Anti-Virus offers a comprehensive virus database that is constantly updated and contains a unique AVG feature, the AVG LinkScanner for safer web surfing.


Panda Antivirus Pro is a good security program, packed with many unique features and tools in order to provide a high level of protection. Even if there are many rivals on the market, Panda Antivirus Pro remains a first-class choice that can please a great number of users.