Pandion: Secure instant messaging

Safe Mode Boot Options

Pandion is a free instant messaging client that can connect multiple accounts at once. You can use your own e-mail or create one through the application and connect securely with all of your contacts.

Installation & Requirements

The program’s installation is very simple and should complete fast on any machine. The application supports all versions of Windows from 98 and later. A portable version is also offered if you do not want to install the program.


The first screen you will encounter when starting the application is the login screen. Here you can either enter your existing e-mail along with your password or create one using the appropriate link. A new window will open in the application and you will have to enter your details like your name and the ID you want to use in the application. Everything but your e-mail can be altered later though so there is no need to worry about that. If you want the application to remember your login credentials, be sure to check the respective boxes before logging in.

After you log in you will be met with the Welcome screen. Be sure to uncheck the boxes with the default page and search engine options if you do not want to use them. The application will only ask you once though so you can keep the welcome screen if you want without having to deal with that every time since you can also add contacts and manage the program through that screen. After that you are ready to go to the main window of the program.

If you have ever used an instant messaging application before then you will feel right at home with Pandion. Your contact details will appear in the top of the screen while your contacts will appear on the bottom. Keep in mind that the application will not automatically retrieve a list of contacts unless you configure a transport with another instant messaging service. Otherwise, you will have to manually enter their e-mail addresses. The good thing is that you can add virtually anyone from any address with the only requirement being that they use the same application so that you can chat.

After you have added your contacts you can simply double click on them to start chatting. The messaging interface is quite basic for today’s standards. You can change the background, add emoticons and change the font but not much else. A conversation history is also stored unless you change that in the settings. If you want to add more functionality to the program you can also install extensions via the tools menu although not a lot are offered at the moment.


-Fast installation and a portable version offered
-The ability to connect with any address
-Secure connection for the messages
-Support for plugins and extensions


-Somewhat limited in features


Pandion is a very unique application that will let you connect with anyone. Anyone that wants  to use the application in a network will really appreciate the functionality of the program and its ability to connect through any e-mail along with the very secure interface.