Parallels Access: New Standard in Remote Desktops for Mobile

A new golden standard for mobile remote desktops seems to have emerged – Parallels Access for Android and iOS devices, which enables you to work with desktop apps from your mobile device via a neat, streamlined UI.

Parallels has been in remote desktop business for quite a while to come up with something truly stellar, and 5-star user reviews confirm this app may just beat the Google Remote Desktop when or if a free version hits the market for those of us who do not do remote-desktop-ing on a regular basis and could use a free local network solution. Before that, Parallels awed everyone by bringing Windows desktops to Macs, with the next leap being a Parallels Access, which brought Mac and Win to iPads, and now Android users get to test-drive the marvel.


The app has a 14-day free trial for you to appreciate its virtues, but once the trial expires you have to either drop it, or pay for a subscription. A one-year subscription for one user account with unlimited number of mobile devices and up to 5 computers costs $19.99, while the 2-year subscription is currently available at 33% discount, $29.99. Business clients can enjoy $49/year subscription comprising unlimited users, unlimited number of mobile devices, and licensed per computer in 5-computer packs.



The design and ease of use is what singles Parallels out – it’s smart, sophisticated and simple. A new answer to remote desktop power users and enterprises, Parallels Access is fast, responsive and reliable. Obviously, a gigantic amount of effort has been put to craft the app.

You can access your Windows or Mac files, folders and programs from your mobile device – edit documents, watch movies, work within apps. For example, a user reports being able to watch the movie on a Win desktop that didn’t have speakers connected, and his smartphone served as the speakers.

Set up process is simple and quick – install the mobile app, register your account, install the desktop app, connect. ‘Applification’ technology lets you handle your desktop programs from your Android or iOS device smoothly – no limitations, securely – as if through a virtual window to your PC, or Mac.

You can easily navigate through your hard drive via a neat file browser, while editing, copy-pasting is simple and intuitive with Parallels precise selection of text.

Features include App Launcher, full screen applications, seamless scroll and navigation, smart and precise tapping, magnifying glass for more precision, in-built select and drag to drag-and-drop images and text fragments, App Switcher for fast switching between apps, file browser, wake-on-LAN to wake up a sleeping computer for remote access, the ability to change screen resolution for optimal usability and a mobile microphone for iOS only for now.

It should work on all Android 4.0+ smartphones and tablets.


As far as security is concerned, you can black out your computer monitor, mute the speakers and work through the mobile device, so anyone around your desktop won’t have a clue about what you are doing. Moreover, using Parallels requires you log in to your user account in your desktop computer before you can work with it, with password.


Of course, if you only need a remote desktop app to save yourself from getting up from a couch to check that email, you won’t need something as sophisticated as Parallels Access. However, if you are a long-term TeamViewer user, savvy enough to appreciate the app’s daring solutions, you might as well choose to buy the subscription. The app adjusts your desktop apps to fit your mobile screen, perfectly incorporating all the native functions, while Android app displays even app icons on the home screen.

Now, the wake-on-LAN feature isn’t guaranteed to wok at all times, so you must make sure your computer doesn’t go into sleep mode. Overall, this may be the next big thing, don’t you think?