Parchi is a new Microsoft app for Android that lets you take quick notes

Microsoft’s Garage projects are slowly making their mark in the Android ecosystem and Parchi (pur-chih) is the latest app from the bunch. Parchi is a brilliantly simple note-taking app that works in a modern, intuitive manner.

There are tons of note taking apps, but most of the good ones are so versatile, taking notes is just a small part of what they can do. Parchi is great if you just want a capable, lightweight app to jot down your thoughts quickly whenever you need it and does a great job at keeping thins simple on your end.

#Tag-based sorting

Parchi by Microsoft 01

You can use it to take notes on the go, like you would on a napkin or on a sticky note. Of course there are some added benefits and you’ll be surprised how many given the simple looks of the app.

It has a tag-based sorting system so it won’t take too much of your time while you’re writing down notes. You can either insert the tag inline or use the #tag UI, where you can get suggestions as you type based on previously used tags.

Smart features

Parchi by Microsoft 05

Parchi lets you use text, lists and even add images to your notes. You can color-code your notes, add reminders but also share them via email, SMS, WhatsApp and popular apps.

Various types of content you add in your notes will be automatically recognized thus become interactive. For phone numbers you’ll be able to directly call or add them to contacts from within Parchi, URLs can be opened and copied and email addresses can be copied as well but also added as recipients to a new compose window that will open in your default email app.

Writing down something on a piece of paper would normally require very little time. Parchi tries to make this even faster by letting you view and take notes directly from the lockscreen.

Support for batch operations

As you already noticed the whole purpose of Parchi is to be both intuitive and functional so it makes sense the app supports batch operations for notes. As a result you can delete, mark as completed/favorite or as color-code a bunch of notes at the same time.

Intuitive search & sorting

Parchi by Microsoft 04

As I mentioned before you can sort your notes using tags. But there are also a few categories like Completed, Favorites and Recent which let you find notes faster. As far as search options are concerned you can search through your notes using tags, text and refine the results using several filters.

For quick access you can also pin a note to your lock screen and as a bonus feature Parchi lets you backup your notes so you don’t lose them if you switch to a new phone or need to uninstall the app at some point.

I personally find Parchi refreshingly simple and totally recommend it if you need a handy note-taking app. With that said, it’s not perfect – there are still a few minor annoyances like the fact it takes you directly in edit mode when you open a note, but nothing too serious. Since it’s a newcomer in the Play Store, and judging how fast positive reviews are piling up, it’s safe to assume Microsoft will continue to polish the app in future updates.

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