Password List Generator: Simple password generation

If you need to use a lot of secure passwords, you know that making lists of them is tedious. Password List Generator is a completely free application that will let you generate huge lists of passwords in no time.

Installation & Requirements

No installation is required for the application as it is standalone and portable. Simply download the program’s executable file, place it in a folder of your choice and run it. You will also need to install Microsoft’s .NET Framework 4 or later to run the program.


The application’s interface is divided into two tabs that constitute the two main features, namely the Random Passwords and the Progressive list generator. The interface cannot be resized. All the various options and settings are located in the left side of the application while the password list is located in the right side panel. At the bottom corners of the program you will see the current processes, the progress being made and the password generation speed per second.

Setting the application up is very easy. In the first field you will need to enter the amount of passwords you want to generate. The boxes below that field will let you choose the kinds of characters that will be used for the passwords. You will have a choice between lower and upper case characters, numbers and special symbols. You can choose anything from a single one to all of them. The length field defines the length of the generated passwords. The prefix box will let you generate passwords based on the prefix you set. For example, if you set the prefix “A” all generated passwords will start with that while the rest will be random. The two last options will let you check for duplicate passwords, which will make the program run slower and write directly to a text file instead of the right side list so that you will save time.

You can add more passwords to the list at any point. If, for example, you want the first 10 passwords to only have lowercase characters and the next 10 to have only uppercase ones, you will simply need to configure the settings and then start the process. When you are ready to save the list, simply click on the respective button, choose a destination folder and a list will be created in a text file. The difference between the Random and the Progressive generators is simple. In the Progressive generators the passwords will be created in a row, as in “AAA”, “AAB”, “AAC” and so forth. You can also check the size of the output file beforehand.


-No installation required
-Extremely fast generator with minimal system resources required
-Fully customizable passwords
-Easily saves the lists in files


-Lacks the ability to save the lists in more formats


Password List Generator is a very neat application that anyone curious enough about password generation should try. It is extremely lightweight but also provides a ton of options that will help you get unique passwords each time you use it.