PayPal Here app is coming to Windows Phone and Windows 8.1

    Microsoft and PayPal announced their plans to improve point-of-sale solutions for retailers at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show that took place this week. The two companies are determined to help small and medium businesses – not just large retailers – so later this year a complete PayPal Here solution for Microsoft Surface will be made available.

    The new Surface 3 Pro offers mobility to small business owners and can be successfully used for POS but at the same time its hardware is powerful enough to handle tasks normally performed on PCs such as tracking sales, handling inventory and scheduling.

    Microsoft SurfaceLater this year  a PayPal Here app for Windows 8.1 devices for US customers is going to be made available and small businesses will be able to use new POS-related accessories created specifically for Surface tablets.

    The plans include expanding POS functionality to Windows Phone handsets and a PayPal Here app for Lumia devices is also in the works. Small business owners located in the US will be able to buy the complete POS solution developed by Microsoft in collaboration with PayPal, including accessories and the PayPal Here app in Microsoft Retail Stores, via commercial resellers and in several partner retail locations.

    PayPal has already made the PayPal Here SDK available for a limited number of developers and independent software vendors allowing the PayPal transaction platform to be integrated into their apps, with plans to allow more in the future. You can read all the details about Microsoft’s and PayPal’s complete POS solution on the Microsoft Surface blog.

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